#8 Final Submission


#7 Idea Finalized, almost!

What can be common between personal information managers of past and ‘future of emails’? What can be common between humans, serving as efficient office assistants and our expectations from the redesigned system?

Well, what should be common is efficiency and accuracy, so that we can rely on the new system like people relied on people earlier!

#4 Outdoor Observations

To understand emails and user behaviour, we had to collect data. And to collect data, we mailed, spammed, chatted, texted, skyped and rang up people on their phones. Only thing remaining was meeting people, and asking them direct questions.

We prepared a set of cards, and scribbled common email subjects on these cards. Subjects like ‘Hello from Aunt’, ‘Weekly Stumbleupon Recommendations’, ‘Quora Weekly Digest’, ‘View Upcoming courses on Coursera’, ‘Facebook Notifications’, ‘Credit card receipts’, ‘Application for internship’, ‘Next project meeting’, ‘Your travel tickets for Indigo flight’, ‘30% off on books and apparels. Order Now!’, etc. Continue reading “#4 Outdoor Observations”